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Saturday at Serendipity – 03/21/20

I should admit to everyone BUT I did not like to garden until about 4 years ago. I ALWAYS tried to get out of yard work growing up. I HATED to work in the yard.In fact, my brothers knew I would do all of their household chores for them to not do yard work. I think back and wonder if I had tried to help, would I have started to enjoy it.

So, when we moved into Serendipity, my mom began to work in the yard. I ended up being the “helper” and started to realize why she enjoyed “digging in the dirt.” Spending time with her showed me that I can relax, spend time with her AND work off any stress I had in my life! So, my journey began and I realized how much I enjoyed yard work – or a better term is gardening!

Since we have so much time as we “social distance” ourselves, I am excited to begin our Spring Garden prep. I am also finding out that I am sleeping even better at night! That is always a good thing!

Today was filled with lots of raking leaves – just like I am doing in this photo. We have SO MANY trees here at Serendipity. I honestly have not raked leaves this year that the leaves are everywhere! I am truly exercising in my yard every day! Progress is being made but it is so enjoyable to see Springtime arriving in Northwest Georgia.

Sunday’s plans are to organize the projects, plant the vegetable seedlings and maybe even rake some more leaves!

Adena “back in the day” working at my childhood home! Year was 1980! Freshman year in college. How did I know this? I’m wearing my Phi t-shirt! I was a pledge for Phi Mu Fraternity at the College of Charleston!

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