Adena & her Grandmother
Family Glamour

Sunday at Serendipity – 03/23/20

Adena and her grandmother, Patsy Patterson (1988ish)

I have always wondered where I received the Entrepreneurial Spirit from in my family. I didn’t have to spend alot of time, because my grandmother, Patsy, was an amazing Sales Woman in her time. She and my grandfather weathered the depression as well as multiple wars together in Charleston, SC. She was an inspiration to me in so many ways.

One way she inspired me was that she loved my grandfather, Omar, but everyone called him Pat, with all her heart. You never saw one without the other! She truly enjoyed spending time with him and they knew that God guided their life journey together!

Another way she inspired me was by utilizing what she had to get through those challenging times. I watched her make her own clothes and hats to always look adorable. She LOVED making a fashion statement. Her white pant suit (shown in this picture) was a favorite of hers. She wore it proudly for years! Of course, it was polyester which NEVER had to be ironed – another plus!

She also inspired me to think like a business woman. She sold Encyclopedias for several years and did very well. She knew how to encourage others and have them work together as a team. I appreciated her thoughts on my business venture 22 years ago this month. She was always proud of everything I did. I so enjoyed hearing her tell stories of how she went door to door. She was relentless.

Lastly, she taught me that family was everything. We were to always encourage and support one another. We had a small family and our family time was often. We enjoyed the small things in life. One favorite was Coke Floats on a Sunday afternoon. They seemed to be even better outside in their backyard feeling the summer breeze that was so nice on their carport. Yes, family memories last forever.

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