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The Lipstick Effect – 03/23/20

Did YOU want to join in our RED Movement?

I have always LOVED wearing Red Lipstick. I know it’s used mainly during the winter and for holiday events, BUT I truly enjoying wearing it! Now I know why! Have YOU ever heard of the Lipstick Effect?

As my photo shows, the “Lipstick effect” is a term used to refer to a situation where consumers still manage to buy a luxury product like lipstick, amid an economic crisis.  When there is a recession, consumers are expected to focus their purchase on goods that don’t impact their already limited income. However, some consumers still have the cash to buy luxury items like premium lipstick. ( The Business Professor)

Now I know why my grandmother, Patsy, wore ALOT of Red Lipstick. She used the lipstick shade to change how she looked and felt. It was an inexpensive way to update a glamour look or an outfit for a special occasion.

I am determined to wear a different shade of Red Lipstick every day here at Serendipity! Cannot wait to see how many shades of Red I have in my Glamour Drawer before starting

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