Are we in the Twilight Zone?
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Are we living in the Twilight Zone?

Having experienced a Pandemic as well as a Tornado this past weekend, I had a thought. Does it seem that we are all in an episode of the Twilight Zone? So many changes and unusual situations in such a short period of time, I just wondered. Here’s my thinking.

We have to stay at home and shelter into place. I’ve worked from home for 22 years, so this I can handle. Essential shopping only and no shopping excursions, fun outings, no concerts, dinner dates or movie excursions . Okay, this is a little more difficult, but I’ll be patient.

However, not being able to attend our church for Worship Services in person has been EXTREMELY difficult. Lastly, the hardest has been to not be able to sit down with my mom face to face and visit. Talking through glass doors has been a challenge. As a person once told me, “this too shall pass.”

I know we will all wake up in a few weeks, and life maybe back to a new normal. I will make sure to have a positive attitude and appreciate the small things in life like the opportunity to give my mom and hug!

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