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Bird Sanctuary at Serendipity

When we moved to Serendipity, we found a sign that we have enjoyed seeing daily is our Bird Sanctuary. It is in the Garden Area of our property and I see it when I am working in the garden. I have wondered how many different birds we have here.

I’m not a Bird Watcher, but I am learning to enjoy seeing all of the birds that we have that come to visit. However, this past week, we learned something interesting! We have a bird’s nest that has appeared near our gutter above our kitchen windows.

We have a family of birds that have taken up residence where we can hear them as well as see them on a daily basis! We have watched them build their next over the past few days. They like to sing and talk all through the day. We’re not sure what type of birds they are, but they must have seen our Bird Sanctuary sign and knew they were in a safe place! They have a perfect view of this sign from their hidden bird’s nest!

How much fun will this experience be for us? Not too sure right now, but I am realizing how protective the birds are to their eggs. I wonder how much noise these baby birds will make once they hatch? The nest is right by my bedroom window…

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