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Dig a Little – Dream A Lot

We did not have a HUGE garden when I was growing up. My grandparents always had one and my grandfather would work out there ALOT! I remember him wearing his straw hat and watering his garden almost every day. He was happy he had a well so that the water was always plentiful!

I have shared that yard work and gardening was NOT on my daily list of fun activities to do. However, since we moved to Serendipity, I have realized that gardening can be relaxing and does help to clear one’s head.

My mom continued the family tradition when we moved in together. However, the torch has passed to me. I am learning daily lessons on gardening which may or may not be earth shattering, but will be important for those who want to have a successful garden!

My kind husband tilled our garden area a few weeks ago. He shared with me that he would teach me how to use the tiller so I could do it on my own. Well, the time came and I earned my official tiller license! Not one of my favorite activities, but I did it! Faced a fear and survived!

The plants were planted and the trellis’ have been erected for the vegetables that are vines. Excited to see how our garden grows this year at Serendipity!

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