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Fence Painting 2020

Have you noticed that we all have had the time to do all those projects around our houses that we never seem to have time to do? Well, this weekend we painted a fence at Serendipity. It was a togetherness home improvement project that has occurred on rare occasions. I enjoyed this experience.

We started at either ends of the fence and work towards each other. I honestly had never thought about all the difference sides that are on a fence. We spent about 4 hours on this fence AND we’re still not finished!

I use this time to ponder and a random thought came into my head. I wonder if this was how Tom Sawyer painted his fence back in the day! Did they work together as well as my husband and I did? I’m sure that it was a fun experience for them as well.I was told that we would not have to paint the fence for at least another 5 years! That made me happy. I did ask myself, however, if Tom Sawyer had to repaint that infamous fence of his?

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