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Friendships do last a Lifetime

One of the biggest decisions one will have is where to attend college. I honestly wanted to go to another school, but my parents encouraged me to attend the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC. This state college was in my hometown and I would be commuting. That didn’t sound very appealing to me. However, they promised that if I wanted to transfer after finishing the core curriculum, I could. So, off I went to the C of C in the fall of 1980.

After that first day on campus, I never wanted to transfer. I simply LOVED my college experience. I joined a sorority, Phi Mu, and these women have been my friends for over 35 years. I know I’ll be sharing about this sisterhood over many blog posts, but it was a decision I know was the best one for me.

We have kept in touch for almost 40 years! That doesn’t seem possible, but it truly has been a LONG TIME! I have always told our sons that friendships can last a season, for a particular reason and for a lifetime. My Phi Mu Sisters have been some of my forever friends!

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