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Garden Path – what does it lead?

When we moved to Serendipity, one of the first decisions we had to make was where would my home studio be? I have had a Work from Home Career for MANY years and my supportive husband knew I needed to have a studio that was easier for my clients to find. He knew that my studio needed to have great natural light and the area chosen is so perfect for me to work and enjoyable for those who come to visit!

My home studio has a garden entrance and one where people drive and park in front of my studio OR walk the garden path. I enjoyed designing this garden path several years ago and am ready to update for Summer 2020.

The Garden Path was a labor of love for me. I utilized everything we had on our property! I enjoyed working outside (early morning before it got hot) and used this time to pray and reflect on the activities of the day. One positive result was that I was exercising at the same time! That’s also a praise!

As many of you know, I have always been a morning person and work best in the morning hours. I have flexible daily routine but I enjoy being in my studio during the morning hours where I can see the birds and check in on our garden! This year is no exception.

During this time of social distancing, having the natural light, the beautiful nature views and the sounds of the birds, I have been able to utilize my time in the studio to enjoy my quiet time and reflect on how God uses us to glorify His name.

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