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Patience: We Learn How Every Day

I have always been one to learn new things. It has my desire to be open to new projects and ways to help my family. I was excited to have received an Outdoor Griddle thanks to my Mary Kay business. We ordered it and eagerly awaited it’s arrival!

My husband and I decided to put the griddle together as well as “season” it so we could use it over the weekend. The directions seemed easy and relatively uncomplicated. However, the seasoning part was very interesting. It took us almost an hour and a half to prep the griddle for use.

We learned that the secret to seasoning the griddle was to be patient and really follow what the manufacturer recommends. We found out that the griddle came with a coating that needed to be “burnt” off before you did anything. We watched the coating burn off and then the griddle changed colors to be ready for us to use!

The griddle will turn a dark black and like a cast iron skillet, will get darker over time. You don’t wash the griddle with soap and water after you season it. You simply use water and oil it for the next use.

We had a fabulous steak dinner thanks to this amazing outdoor griddle! The griddle is also great to cook onions, mushrooms and asparagus! Our leftovers will be delicious – I cannot wait!

When we finished enjoying our meal, I went to clean up the griddle. It was easier than I thought! I scrapped off the residue and cleaned it with water. I oiled it and all was done in less than 10 minutes!

I highly recommend an outdoor griddle for you and your family to enjoy. Looking forward to using it often here at Serendipity!

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