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Mother’s Day Memories

Mother’s Day has always been a special day to me. I LOVE this day due to the memories I have made throughout the years. However, this year was different. We had a special day filled with FUN and FAMILY. Here’s a few moments that are special!

First, Shane called me at 7:00am to wish me Happy Mother’s Day! Coffee was ready and I had a FABULOUS conversation with him and it was a special way to start the day. He lives in Baltimore and couldn’t be with us in person this year.

Second, Seth was with us and made us his favorite Red Velvet Cookies that were delicious for dessert with our homemade ice cream! What a fun time enjoying him in our kitchen here at Serendipity. He is an excellent cook and we spent time together making cookies to share with our family!

Third, Seth and I visited with my mother where we were able to see her in person. Even though it was through a glass door, our time with her was a precious memory. She LOVED us bringing her cookies and ice cream along with her Mother’s Day cards and gifts. I so appreciate all she has done for me through the years. She is an awesome encourager to me!

Lastly, John and I took a ride in Tweety Bird (1969 Chevrolet Chevelle). This muscle car is a new addition to our toys here at Serendipity! I got to drive this car around our community. It’s a work in progress BUT enjoyable to drive. John is so patient with me and it is a challenge for me to drive. You see, the bench seat is in only one position (for a very tall person). I had to really struggle to drive this fun car due to my height. BUT, I did it anyway!

Mother’s Day is NOT about the gifts but the TIME you spend with family members. I hope you day was filled with love and memories that will last a lifetime!

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